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AP Goldshield LLC has developed patented technologies that are unique in their performance because of compounds that create a residual performing action when applied ..........continual protection is key ... Get Your Shield On!

All Goldshield (GS) products are water-based, alcohol-free, non-irritating to the skin (GS24), non-flammable, and manufactured in the USA in a pharmaceutical grade “clean room” environment under strict ISO protocols. Click here to learn more about the hazards of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

 Goldshield’s Product Line

  • productsGS24 antiseptic foam hand sanitizer
    • travel/family sizes, wall dispensers 
  • GS47 antiseptic wet wipes
    • 40 unit canister, 10 unit travel pack, singles
  • GS85 all-purpose cleaner
    • hand spray bottles, gallon, drum
  • GS75 ready-to-use surface antimicrobial
    • hand spray bottles, gallon, drum, tote
  • GS5 surface antimicrobial “concentrate”
    • gallon, drum, tote
  • Deep cleaning equipment, sprayers, microfibers
    • commercial and residential

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Industrial Users
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Quick Facts
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  • One squirt of our Hand Sanitizer (GS24) on skin (hands) provides an “invisible” protective shield that will protect for  hours against 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria including MRSA, VRE, HIV, H1N1, E.Coli, Salmonella, to name just a few. FDA listed -- Labeler Code 40092.
  • One spray of our Surface Antimicrobial agent (GS75) on indoor surfaces provides an “invisible” protective shield that can inhibit bacteria and fungi growth which cause odor, staining and discoloration for up to 90 days, and on outdoor surfaces such as furniture and cushions Goldshield will inhibit mold and mildew for 3 months. EPA approved -- Reg. 85556-1 and 85556-2.
  • One washing with our Antimicrobial Concentrate (GS5) in laundry applications will inhibit bacterial growth that cause staining, odor, and discoloration for 3 months or when these problems reappear. EPA approved -- Reg. 85556-1.
  • Goldshield 85 is an all-purpose deep cleaner and excellent degreaser that will have a longer lasting fresh aroma after application.



This is an International website. AP Goldshield LLC has attempted to accommodate the varying nuances associated with the many regulatory requirements of both domestic and international regulatory authorities.

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