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tom higginsThomas L Higgins, Co-Chairman, CEO, President. An original founder of the Company and formerly Chairman and CEO of Higgins Industries, a textile and consumer product company. Previously an executive at JC Penny and managed a $1.3 billion sportswear business. He has been active International businessman with distribution of his former products in Europe, Asia and South America. He has been honored at the United Nations by UNEP and the Fashion Guild of America for developments in the organic cotton industry and the recognition he brought to the industry on pesticide reduction. He was recognized by President’s Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, and was awarded the Osaka Environmental Citation. He was a board member of the National Organic Cotton Association (NOCA) and one of its original founders and had been a board member of several textile related firms. He is the inventor on two patent pending products, one is an improvement invention derived from the core Emory formula which helps it penetrate surfaces (inert substrates) more easily and quickly, the other is the alcohol-free hand rinse with residual protection.

exec1Murry Zborowski, Co-Chairman, an original founder, is an international businessman who started out in the family enterprise company, Sheaffer Latin America, a licensee of a Textron company called Sheaffer Pen. He had sole distribution rights for Cross Pens, Montblanc and Dunhill products. He developed a new company named All America Telecom and that entity became the exclusive importer for Samsung and LG cell-phones in Brazil today they are the top sellers in the market and he continues to work with these entities to support their market position. During that time he also created a joint venture with Vishay Electrical Components called VTech which operated as an exclusive importer and a licensee. His interest in that entity was sold in part to Avnet and part of the company went public on the HK exchange.

exec1Theodore M. Shlisky (Ted), COO is an original founder of the Company. Mr. Shlisky is a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in New York State. He received his BSME from the City University of New York and his Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Connecticut. He began his career working on Nuclear Submarine power plant design at General Dynamics Electric Boat and left that company after seven years to become Executive Vice President for Scientific Industries, a medical device manufacturing company. Nine years later, Mr. Shlisky formed Pharmetics Inc., a manufacturer of CGMP pharmaceutical sterilizers. He guided the company through its formative years, eventually taking it public and merging it with a company in a sister industry. Mr. Shlisky holds many patents and has written extensively for trade magazines. He is also currently the President of Elan Vital Consultants. Holder as individual or part, 7 US patents and published in several business and processing magazines and have appeared on Local TV as the President and Chairman of one of the fastest growing companies on Long Island.

lane ostrowLane Ostrow, Office of the President, Executive VP Sales& Marketing: Mr. Ostrow brings a legal background with a focus in tax law and a cadre of entrepreneurial experiences. He has held various management positions including 9 years as a President of a retail company and four years as President of a technology company he co-founded. Mr. Ostrow was also the co-founder of Products for Good, LLC, which he started in 2004. As the Products for Good Managing Member, Mr. Ostrow was responsible for creating all business and financial relationships, along with overseeing the day-to-day Customer satisfaction, financial management and operations for the Company. Mr. Ostrow holds a B.A. from Duke University, a Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University, and an LL.M. in Taxation from Emory University.

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