Goldshield is an international company. We have Distributors in Europe
 (one master distributor), and one in Asia.

united kingdom flagIn Europe  the Company’s Distributor has secured all regulatory approvals for its products and has been approved by the National Healthcare System’s Rapid Review Panel. They have entered into an agreement with Henry Schein Corp for the veterinary sector, and are actively involved with expanding our healthcare business with the Getinge Group. Our European operation has also released an Animal Healthcare line
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chinese flagIn China, the Company has formed a distribution agreement with GS APEC LLC and HD Goldshield, Shanghai. They are actively involved in consumer products using Goldshield 24 for skin and feminine hygiene applications as well as expanding our healthcare footprint. They are also expanding our business activities in animal healthcare, agriculture and textiles.



taiwanese flagIn Taiwan, our Distributor, GS APEC is actively expanding our business development in multiple fields of use ranging from textiles and healthcare to consumer products and agriculture. Huelein Enterprise Corporation with their broad marketing capabilities is our local Taiwan Goldshield product representative.


saudi arabian flag

In Saudi Arabia our Distributor has been approached as a direct result of a viral outbreak of SARS. Because of Goldshield's 24 antimicrobial delivery systems the SA Government is interested in a personal hygiene mask treated with Goldshield. The intent is to create a kit containing our hand sanitizer, wipes and mask for those in high risk healthcare situations.

united states flagFor use in Iraq and Afghanistan, Goldshield will be providing U.S. and British Special Forces with Goldshield hand sanitizers and wet wipes based on successful field tests in 2010 and 2011. The feedback was conclusive; GS 24 & 47 mitigated Tinea Pedis (athletes foot), jock rashes and other skin ailments. As a result, Goldshield® had been approved by the U.S. Surgeon General.



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