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Goldshield Application VanGoldshield Applicators offer a Strategic Remediation Plan for industrial locations, healthcare facilities, the home, where remediating and protecting is important g.

Rid carpets of dirt, pet spoils and odor, clean your walls, drapes, even furniture and lighting fixtures. Our applicators have been trained and Company certified to deep clean any room, home or commercial setting using our proprietary High Heat Vapor Machine that dispenses dry heat vapor (not moist steam) at 212°F - 350°F. This unique equipment instantly cleans grime , Mold, Mildew, Algae, Fungi,  on many surface and fabrics.

Following such deep cleaning the GS Applicator will then treat all cleaned areas with one application of Goldshield 5 or 75 The end result is an antimicrobial remediation treatment that is the best “deep cleaning” and protection system on the market, today.


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Goldshield's Wounded Warrior Program

Mindful of the sacrifice our soldiers and their families put forth on behalf of our Nation, the Company founded a business, Veteranshield LLC, with a former Commander of the U. S. Delta Force, Col. Rick Cantwell.

The end in mind is to hire wounded warriors and vets and train them to become certified Goldshield Applicator/business owners. The Company’s robust training program involves education about the GS technology features and benefits, regulatory compliance issues, all required marketing data and tools, and most importantly training on how to build and operate a successful business.

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