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Q.  Where and how are Goldshield products manufactured?
A. Goldshield products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA-certified pharmaceutical facility in a "clean room" environment to assure no product contamination. All protocols followed in our operations are those set by the demandingly strict International Organization for Standardization.

Q. What is the difference between Goldshield 5, and 75 ?
A. Goldshield 75 is a ready-to-use product. Goldshield 5 is a liquid "concentrate" of 5% active ingredient, which the user dilutes in water ... mix 1 part/gallon of concentrate with 5 parts/gallons of concentrate to make 6 parts/gallons of ready-to-use product. Goldshield 5 is used in concentrate form in laundry applications, Click Here. Use 

Q. What is Goldshield’s Surface Antimicrobial “active ingredient”?
A. Goldshield's Surface Antimicrobial is a water-stable liquid solution that uses an organosilane as the “active” agent that, through the use of additional chemistry, was able to be stabilized in water. The chemistry eluded the industry for over 25 years.

Q. What is Goldshield's Surface Antimicrobial's Environment Protection Agency ("EPA") toxicity rating?
A. This product has been identified by the EPA to have a toxicity rating of 4 (IV), which requires only the following precautionary statement on our labels: “Keep Out of Reach of Children”. Goldshield is the World's only water-stable, patented, functional organosilane technology with a surface penetrating compound.

Q. Where can Goldshield's Surface Antimicrobial be used?
A. Goldshield is approved to be used in vfacilities such as homes, hospitals, daycare centers, churches, offices and hotels and restaurants. This is so because Goldshield is water-based, no alcohol, non-flammable.

Q. How is Goldshield so effective against bacteria and fungi?
A. Goldshield has a completely different  functionality than traditional chemicals. Most chemicals  encapsulate an organism releasing its toxic chemicals into the organism to kill it and this functionality typically takes between 3-10 minutes to kill and denature the organism's proteins. This timeline also poses the risks of the organism's genetically adapting or becoming "superbugs". Goldshield has a long carbon chain that releases an ionic charge that destroys the cell structure "mechanically," while at the same time uses its chemistry to denature the organism's proteins "chemically" inactivating the organism on contact. This dual functionality is unique to Goldshield 5 and 75.

Goldshield 5 and 75 also form a strong chemical bond to a surface and will not leach off or become mobile.

When our Goldshield 24 hand sanitizer is applied to one’s skin, GS attaches to the skin cells through the carbohydrates on the skin that polyhydroxylate and will remain effective until the skin cells are sloughed off. However, alcohol actually penetrates the cells and gets into one's blood stream, which can cause toxic issues.

Q. How has the Company proven their claims of performance?
A. The Company has amassed over 35+ evidenced-based studies Click Here, all conducted by independent laboratories, and has received two peer-review publications in The American Journal of Infection Control. Click Here.

Q. Can Goldshield's Surface Antimicrobial be applied to textiles?
A. Yes, in both a commercial laundry and when doing laundry at home. Goldshield is added in the rinse cycle after scouring, and when applied under Goldshield recommended specifications, will remain effective for 90 days of the once-treated fabric. Click Here.

Q. What detergent should I use when I wash my clothes with Goldshield?
A. We recommend any "nonionic or cationic" detergent which is easily available at any large grocery store (check out the label).  Just review the label of active ingredients on your home detergent.

Q. Is Goldshield flammable like the other, often older, organosilane formulas?
A. No, since it is water-based, GS is not flammable.

Q. What is the shelf life of Goldshield products?
A. Under the Company’s recommended storage directions, GS remains effective for up to 1.5 years, but in study after study we know GS remains stable for a lot longer.

Q. When Goldshield is applied to glass or marble is there any visible coating?
A. There can be a slight white film that becomes visible which is created by the silane of the Goldshield formula. To remove it all you do is take a damp cloth and wipe off the film, doing so will NOT remove Goldshield's active ingredient.

Q. If I purchase the Goldshield Surface Antimicrobial "concentrate" instead of the ready-to-use product, is there any specific water required to dilute Goldshield?
A. When we manufacture Goldshield we dilute with purified water to assure zero contamination of our product. However, there is no mandated requirement, you can use tap water if you like.

Q. When I spray Goldshield on a surface how long should I wait before removing moisture?
A. You want to be sure that Goldshield 5 or 75 has a chance to fully bond to the surface, so we recommend that you spray your room, contents and surfaces and then circle back and remove any moisture with an absorbent cloth. Doing so will NOT remove any of Goldshield's active ingredient.


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