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animal-healthcareGoldshield’s United Kingdom Distributor has introduced a line of Pet Care Products based on an amazing story.

In 2012, Basil, a cat in the UK, acquired a serious infection. The veterinarian caring for Basil tried everything to cure him, but to no avail. The decision was ultimately taken to put down the animal to stop his suffering. But, about the same time the vet became aware of how Goldshield 24 was helping so many people in the UK, so he reached out to speak with our UK distributor.

Basil’s wound on the back of his neck, which had been present for about 5 months, was treated with Goldshield 24, antiseptic / antimicrobial agent. Within 3 days the “wound” began to respond to Goldshield’s healing effects. In about 3 weeks Basil left the vet’s care, fully cured! See photo history at right.

Goldshield-Positive-Petcare-Shampoo-Fur-Protector spacer-fieldsGoldshield’s Pet Care Products will be available in U.S. on this website in 2016.

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