There are multiple ways to use Goldshield's hand sanitizer (GS24) and wet wipes (GS47) to kill germs and bacteria on one's hands (70% of infection starts from bacteria on our hands), and provide a long-term residual protection for hours in a day ... wash, dry and apply.

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For laundry applications … many bacteria cause staining and discoloration on textiles, and odors occur from the growth of fungi such as mold and mildew. So, use GS5 for commercial and at home use to protect textiles from these microbes on bed linens/pillow cases, drapes, fabrics, certain clothes (see label on bottle), and carpets for a continual period (90 days) after just one application, Click here for details.

For commercial and at home “deep cleaning” … use our first-of-its-kind High Heat Vapor machineAthlete's Foot Before and After. Click here for details.

A “game-changer” coming in 2016 … the discovery that Goldshield's new foot formula can remediate athletes foot by killing the fungi involved. This discovery is being actively pursued based on the success with on-going tests in the U.S. military (see photo at right).


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Many people go into a hospital trying to get better but come out worse due to hospital-acquired infections. The CDC attributes 70% of these cases to hand contact. GS24 and GS47 are antiseptic and antimicrobial products that provide, unlike alcohol, residual protection mitigating the risks of immediate contamination.

Goldshield Antimicrobial Agents are approved for Hospital Use:

GS5 can be applied to textiles and linens in a healthcare setting from sheets and pillow cases to shower and privacy curtains.  Often doctor's lab coats are not cleaned frequently enough and a treatment with 
GS5 would prevent some of the major concerns which are staining, discoloration and odor resulting from nasty bacteria and fungi.

Air Filters
It is vitally important in a healthcare setting to insure the utmost in air quality. GS75 applied to filters is an ideal way to inhibit the same bacteria and fungi that can attach to filters which cause odor and staining. 

 The Goldshield antimicrobial water stable agents provide an invisible barrier that can last up to 90 days with one simple application. That residual component permits these formulas to standalone in the world of antimicrobial and micro-biostatic effectiveness and protection.

Additional uses

  • In nursing and assisted living facilities, GS5 could be used in the laundry and in clean-up of facilities to help eliminate odors from the environment.
  • Additional segments of the healthcare industry where Goldshield technology would find numerous applications include clinics, infirmaries and ambulatory care clinics, as well as veterinary centers.


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