This segment encompasses hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, spas, athletic facilities, stadiums, convention centers, airplanes, buses and rail lines. There are numerous applications for Goldshield cleaners and antimicrobial technologies including:

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  • Linens (bedsheets, blankets and bedspreads), carpets and drapes in hotel rooms, airports and on airplanes, bus terminals and on buses and in rail stations as well as on the trains themselves.
  • Shower stalls, bathroom and spa areas in gyms and athletic facilities.
  • Filters for air recirculation systems.
  • Employee uniforms.

The hospitality industry is intent on serving its patrons as best as possible and one important way is to ensure a "safe and comfortable" stay. Often molds and mildews persist along with nasty bacteria that can cause odors and staining. Typical cleaning has shown that these microbes still linger. We have all been in rooms where the smell of mold permeates the drapes or carpeting.  Click Here for an informative article on super-bugs in hotels.

Goldshield has solutions:

  • GS85 is an ideal deep all-purpose cleaner that will remove odors and leave a refreshing aroma for long periods of time.
  • GS75 can be applied to drapes, beddings, blankets, bedspread, and shower curtains.  With one simple application will last up to 90 days or when staining, odors or discoloration reappear.
  • For personal protection it is always advisable to have GS24 hand sanitizer and/or GS47 wet wipes available when traveling from disease causing germs and bacteria. The unique residual feature of these antiseptic and antimicrobial formulas is key in protecting skin, in the absence of hand washing.
  • For those who workout and have travel bags that build up odors, these are caused by bacteria or fungi which GS75 is effective in providing a barrier to inhibit these odor causing bacteria.



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