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NEWS, APRIL 29,2017: Andrew Payne, Managing Director of Goldshield Technologies Ltd., UK announced today a joint presentation with the Getinge Group to the South Hampton Hospital Trust.
After signing an exclusive agreement with the Getinge Group for the Healthcare Market, with a vertical focus on the Surgical site area, both companies were invited to make their initial presentation to Director Nael Clark and his team about the features and benefits of the EU approved Goldshield products to help reduce hospital-acquired -infections. CEO Tom Higgins, presented the technical and economic benefits of three EU registered products, the core antimicrobial with long term residual protection, a daily hospital-grade disinfectant with residual action and a new sporicidal disinfectant effective against C'diff spores among other harmful disease causing germs. South Hampton has agreed to asess and advance the Goldshield products, and is bringing together a broader group of experts within the Trust for an additional presentation. Payne said it is extremely exciting and important to  have the South Hampton Trust engaged with the Getinge/Goldshield venture.


NEWS, March 2017 : CEO of Goldshield announces a Supply-License Agreement with the Getinge GroupThe Getinge Group is a leading global healthcare company that has agreed to adopt the Goldshield products with Goldshield's unique residual performing action. Getinge will be launching this program under the brand Getinge Disinfect in the 3rd Q of 2017 in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Once Goldshield secures EPA approval on some of these new products in the USA, Getinge will released them in all of North America. One of the key products adopted by Getinge is a new sporicidal disinfectant effective againts C'diff spores. According to the USA's CDC, C'diff causes the greatest number of morbitity cases healthcare settings.



News, March 2017: Goldshield launches a program with the Encompass GroupGoldshield has announced the launch of a program with the Encompass Group,, on the Goldshield 24 hand sanitizer and Goldshield 5 laundry protectant. Encompass is a leading provider of healthcare textiles and accessories in North America.

 bus News, March 2017: Goldshield announced today their support for the Jewish Vocational Services ("JVS") employment incentives. JVS is a Charitable Organization that employs handicap people to fulfill and package products for distribution in New Jersey, USA. They continue to be a strong advocate for the use of Goldshield and the benefits the Goldshield technologies provide. Goldshield applauds JVS for their charitable work and the benefits it provides to these people and more directly to the state of New Jersey.

bus News, Feb. 2017Goldshield Used in the McAllen, Texas Independent School District. McAllen ISD, expands their use of the Goldshield antimicrobial to 32 schools within their district. McAllen has been and continues to be a school district that has used Goldshield to mitigate certain bacteria and fungi for the last several years. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

  medical News, Sept. 2016.  Goldshield UK announces the signing of a                           Distrbution Agreement with the Henry Schein Corp.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Goldshield and Andrew Payne, Director of Goldshield, UK announced the signing of an agreement with the Henry Schein Corporation,,  to Distribute the Goldshield Products to the Veterinary Sector in Europe. Henry Schein is a leading global corporation in the animal healthcare industry as well as being a dominant corporation in the Human Dental sector.

anchorPractical Sailor Magazine: Read about an in-depth comparison study of treating and preventing mold and mildew on boats where Goldshield 75 "wipes out a wide field of anti-mildew sprays."  Read Whole Article 

medicalColombo, Sri Lanka: CEO and Co-Chairman of Goldshield, Tom Higgins, delivered a speech at the Commonwealth Business Council’s Round-table Forum on “Business and Society”.
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ecologySpeaking at the Commonwealth Business Council in Sri Lanka on November 13,2013, GoldShield USA Chairman/CEO, Thomas Higgins, said that one of the biggest concerns is that graduating business school students are single-minded toward profit margin. For business to have a positive impact on society, he said this has to be addressed. 

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marineCommonwealth Business Forum delegates give thumbs-up for Sir Lanka and Goldshield hand sanitizer.   
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