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There are dozens of products competing in the hand sanitizing market because study after study has proven that over 70% of all bacteria infection starts with bacteria on the hands! Keeping one's hands clean is the best first defense against antimicrobial protection. Goldshield offers a new antimicrobial technology and unique formulation in the fight against infection.


 Goldshield's hand sanitizer

Goldshield's hand sanitizer (GS24) is a water-based, alcohol-free, gentle foam spray that:

  • provides hour s of protective "invisible" shield on your skin after just one application
  • kills literally 99.99% of disease-causing organisms which independent studies have shown include MRSA, VRE, HIV, H1N1, Pseudomonas a., E.Coli, Salmonella and viruses to name just a few
  • because it is water-based, Goldshield is non-irritating to skin, and safe for kids' use.
    Click here to learn more about the real hazards of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • GS' chemistry provides many -hours of protection, and unlike alcohol, does not penetrate into the blood stream

Our Goldshield hand sanitizer creates a new standard for performance among antimicrobial hand sanitizers. That’s why we say Goldshield is constantly standing guard with its "invisible" shield.

 Using Goldshield 24

GS24-ProductGS24 is available in 1.72 oz. foam spray bottles, cloth wet wipes and in our manual and automatic wall dispensers.

Wet Wipes: Our GS24 antimicrobial is embedded in each wet wipe cloth, Goldshield 47,  for skin antiseptic and antimicrobial action. The convenient canister contains 40 wipes.  Wipe your hands  where antimicrobial protection is needed. The travel pack is ideal for purse, pocket or valise when on the go.

Wall Mount Dispensers: Two wall mount dispensers are available, automatic and manual. The automatic unit is powered by 4 AA batteries and dispenses 4ML of GS24 foam simply by waving one's hand beneath the unit's auto sensor. The manual unit dispenses GS24 manually by depressing a lever. Use a wall dispenser as an economical means to put GS24 on your hands quickly and easily. Up to 2500 dispenses per refill (unit holds 1000ML). One squirt protects up to 24 hours. A wall dispenser is a very economical way to have antimicrobial protection around the house or home, it's like using a 5 gallon water cooler instead of individual water bottles.

GS24 vs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers: for a detailed comparison chart, Click here



 Today, the hand sanitizer market is dominated by alcohol-based Purell®*

There are many pitfalls to using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, Click here for more information

How much does alcohol-based Purell® cost vs. water-based Goldshield®24

Goldshield costs a little more than competitive products because competitive products are inferior to Goldshield’s superior product formulations. However, and more importantly, on an application basis, due to Goldshield’s residual antimicrobial protection, Goldshield actually COSTS LESS than competition.

Click here for price comparison details

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