Quick Facts About Goldshield

 Goldshield is the world's only functional organosilane compound that has been stabilized in water with a surface penetrating compound, patented and commercially available.

  • The First Water-Stable Solution with Surface Penetrating Compound

    Unlike other antimicrobial agents Goldshield is the world's only organosilane, patented compound that has been stabilized in water with a surface penetrating compound which results in better covergae and efficacy.
  • Covalently Bonds 

    Goldshield creates a covalent bond to surfaces and textiles which ensures complete adhesion so that Goldshield actually becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied. Click here
  • Will Not Leach, Diffuse or Become Mobile

    Unlike conventional chemcials, Goldshield will not leach or become fugitive once applied. Therefore, Goldshield's antimicrobial inhibiting action lasts for up to 30-90 days on surfaces and in textile applications (GS5) has been shown to retain effectivenes
  • Microbes Do Not Develop Resistance

    Since Goldshield functionality does not pose the risk of the aforementiond microbes to regenerate into "superbugs." Click here
  • Easy to Ship, Store and Apply

    Goldshield 75 is water stable therefore it has a shelf life of over at least one and one half years and therefore is easy to ship, store and apply – by spraying, mopping, rolling on or by other spraying techniques.
  • Cost-effective and Price Competitive

    Due to Goldshield's continual "invisibile" shield that protects after only one application for up to 30 -90 days on surfaces (GS75) and for hours on skin (GS24),  Goldshield is very economical to use. Click here

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